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Best Email Verification Tools
2 months ago
An integral part of sending bulk emails is to make sure that you have a large clean list of active subscribers to validate your messages. Many companies are making the mistake of trying to build huge email lists by buying leads. This strategy can actually do more harm than good as it can create a bad impression for your company when prospective customers realize that the company is bogus. Email validation acts merely as a first line of defense for both your existing and new email lists to ensure accuracy. Here is a quick guide on how to validate email addresses: Visit this homepage for more details about this topic .
* The first thing that you should do is to look at the pricing structure of the bulk email validation API. Many times the API will be set up by a third party and not by the company that is selling the list. You should always make sure that the pricing structure is in line with what you expect to get from your email validation API. There are a lot of reputable and established web-based vendors who offer affordable and reliable bulk email validation solutions. 
* Analyze your website's architecture. There are two common problems that could affect your website's performance when using invalid email addresses. One is the "bounce rate" which is the percentage of unread emails that cause the server to return a "catch-all" error. The other problem is the "load rate" which is the average number of visitors to a site per month. To determine the accuracy of your data you should measure both of these rates. View this link :  https://emailoversight.com/email-sender-score-keep-it-as-high-as-possible/ for more knowledge about this topic .
* When doing the test, make sure to use the latest software versions. The "catch-all" error that your application will return will not be accurate if it is using the previous version. Also, the "bounce rate" should be at least three times higher than the average load rate recorded for your site. The exact measurements for a particular email validation API used should be specific to the product and/or service you are testing.
* In order to make sure that you're getting accurate data, you should set up a clearout feature in your website. This simple, yet effective process can detect and discard invalid email addresses and other spam traps. Before implementing this feature, however, make sure that you have deleted all cookies, cache and hardwired connection areas that may no longer be valid. This will ensure that your clearout feature will be able to operate effectively.
The best email verification tools are those that can provide you with the most accurate data possible and are supported by industry-leading technology. For more information on how to choose the right anti-spam software, contact Mailflow Specialized Solutions and let them help you find the right product for your business. For more information on how Mailflow can help you reduce your daily load of invalid email addresses, visit their website. Learn more about verification here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Callback_verification.
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